A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Start Earning Commissions:
Step 1: First, get your personalized affiliate link after signing up on the affiliate program.

Step 2: Include your affiliate link on all of your social media platforms. Include your affiliate link in your Tiktok/Instagram bio, Facebook/Twitter profile, Youtube's ABOUT page and in your video description box.

Bonus Tip: Remember to add a call-to-action introduction for your affiliate link to attract your followers to click it, such as "Meet your partner NOW" and so on. Get creative!

Step 3: Promote your affiliate link by making some great content for your followers. Make a Tiktok/Youtube video about your experience with our brand, how our brand helped you find the ideal partner, etc. Again, get creative!

Bonus Tip: Make sure to mention where you have included the link to lead your followers to click it.

Step 4: It is essential to send promotional materials (videos, audio, pictures, text) to us before publishing them. We'll help you improve them to maximize performance.

Lastly, be sure to be patient. Try multiple promotional methods. More promotions, better outcomes. Good luck!

Promoting Methods
1. Add our banner or text link to your website, blog, e-mail signature, and more.

2. Share / Promote us on social media sites to influence friends and

3. followers by recommending our app to them.

4. Invite friends, friends of your friends to visit and register

5. Write blogs on popular sites to promote it.

6. Create friend circles on some social networking sites to promote it.

7. Create groups on facebook, reddit etc to promote it.

8. Use business cards, flyers to promote it when joining social activities.

9. Leave your flyers at local coffee shops and libraries. Be creative!

10. Advertise it on local radio stations, TV, magazines, newspapers, etc.

11. Join local dating Meetup groups.